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Data Analysis

Data pulling automates payment transactions between merchants and Payteka, thereby simplifying the process for high-volume merchants.

Gateway Systems

A successful online business in today’s global marketplace needs comprehensive and reliable services to support international payments.

Mobile Payments

As more and more consumers are going mobile, the demand for digital alternative payment solutions is increasing.

Premium Banking Network

One of the many services offered by Payteka is helping online merchants open direct merchant accounts with one of the premium acquiring banks that we enjoy long-standing relationships with.

3D Secure

3D Secure the payment industry’s online authentication standard developed by major credit card associations.

Credit & Debit Card Solutions

Payteka is a service provider offering innovative online payment solutions for over a decade as a regulated Payment Institution organization.


Risk Management & Security

3D Secure

3D Secure is the payment industry’s online authentication standard developed by major credit card associations. This authentication requires the cardholder to do a one-time online registration process for their card in order to make future purchases. 3D Secure payments with Payteka protect merchants from excessive chargebacks, negative processing history, account closure and blacklisting records..

PCI Certification

Payteka is fully PCI compliant with the latest industry card payment data and has the highest security standards in the industry. When it comes to online payments, there are a lot of highly specific certifications and procedures that can sound overwhelming. We are happy to simplify these terms for you.

Risk Rule Engine

In order to reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraudulent activities, Payteka applies the proven Risk Rule Enine, combining fraud scrubbing and filtering strategies and powerful software utilities. This collective approach minimizes the related risks of online transactions while supporting a healthy processing flow.

Dynamic Descriptor

A general descriptor is the identification name of the purchase that appears on monthly credit card statements, normally listed under merchants’ acquiring banks. A dynamic descriptor is a verification tool that gives a definition of the charge to the end user on their credit card statement, in turn reducing the risk of chargebacks.

Risk Management

Risk management and fraud protection are a top principle to us, and when you are processing large volumes or when operating in a higher risk sector, the influence of fraud becomes even more critical. Our built-in fraud detection and security features minimize the need for manual transaction reviews and reduce fraudulent sales ending in chargebacks and refunds.

Automated Cascading

Payteka presents traffic management and cascading system, offering alternative solutions for declined transactions. Payteka’s sophisticated traffic management system will send the transaction to the acquiring bank with the highest approval ratio based on the cardholder BIN number. In the case of a transaction decline response, Payteka’s cascading system will divert transactions to the next pre-defined acquiring bank.