Category: Services

Risk Management & Security

Payteka combines leading innovative technology with industry experience for the most secure fraud detection solution proven to increase sales revenue. We support cross-platform solutions for games, software and digital services merchants.

Gateway & Technology

Our gateway is built on a principle of scalability and standardization. In an ever-changing industry you need technology that you can depend on to help your online business grow and succeed. The simplified yet advanced gateway is convenient so merchants can effortlessly process and monitor transactions.

Product & Services

We help merchants reach success through our vast services covering all aspects of online processing transactions. Payteka provides you with the technical platform and support for your operation including risk management, ongoing compliance and settlement reconciliation, so that you can focus on your core business goals.

Payment Solutions

Payteka offers a full suite of payment methods for both global and local markets. Our product and services portfolio include credit card processing, online bank transfers, e-wallet coverage, offline wire transfers, issuing cards, direct debits, recurring billing, pre-paid cards and more. Our extensive experience in online payments allows us to provide your company with the competitive edge you are seeking.