At the heart of Payteka’s technology and services is our cutting-edge payment gateway that supports a variety of card schemes and connections to over 200 financial institutions worldwide. Our gateway is built on the principle of scalability and standardization. In an ever-changing industry, you need technology that you can depend on to help your online business grow and succeed. Our simplified but advanced gateway is convenient, ensuring merchants can effortlessly process and monitor transactions.

Payteka’s fully customizable payment gateway offers merchants a variety of data, reports and billing statements to monitor transactions, chargeback trends and ratios, billing and approval rates, bank statements, fraud analysis reports and transaction analysis reports as well as other vital business information and insights merchants need.

Our services and features are documented and explained in our guides, which are both easy to understand and technically simplified, so you can easily get started. Payteka works with Data Centers worldwide in an Active-Active model, the systems in each data center have full redundancy in place and all data is synchronized in real time between the two live POPs via three independent paths to guarantee our merchants 99.9999% uptime.

How do merchants benefit from Payteka’s gateway & technology?

  • Real-time customizable transaction data reports
  • User-friendly and advanced reporting system
  • Billing and invoice statements
  • Transaction activity analysis
  • Simplified settlement with acquiring banks
  • Customized access rights for backoffice users
  • Per terminal configuration to suit payment needs with various anti-fraud scrubbing tools
  • Flexible Payment models
  • Multiple customizable fields and functionalities; such as customer name, billing address, shipping address, phone number, email address and full payment details
  • Transaction codes for declines, chargebacks, fraud and more so you can analyze transaction activity to maximize conversions, protect yourself from fraud and offer customers alternative methods of payment.
  • Scalable system to support and balance transaction traffic

Sophisticated Gateway System

A successful online business in today’s global marketplace needs comprehensive and reliable services to support international payments. Payteka is your trusted Online Payment Gateway. We have worked to develop a dependable, secure, and profitable online payment service gateway that enables e-Commerce merchants to take real-time online credit card / direct debit payments. With a focus on fraud and risk management and reducing chargebacks, we accept IP-enabled transactions from all sources including Internet, MOTO, retail, and cellular initiated payments. Think of us as a one-stop-shop for online payment services.

Our secure gateway offers merchants the following functionalities:

  • Variety of alternative payment methods worldwide covering over 180 countries
  • Multi-currency processing
  • Recurring billing management
  • Competitive rates
  • Advanced fraud and risk management system
  • Flexible API
  • Technical support

Secured Hosted Payment Page

For a quick start and improved customer experience, use Payteka’s hosted payment page solution. With our secure hosted payment page you can design your payment page according to your site’s look and feel, while we host it under our secure environment which meets the PCI DSS strict data security requirements and offers you advanced protection from DoS/DDoS attacks and web bots.

With our payment solution, the customer starts the checkout process on your website as usual but completes the transaction on Payteka’s hosted payment page. A customizable payment page allows you to design its functionality to fit your specific business needs for recurring payments, multi-currency options, and more. We also have additional payment page options and integration models to meet your specific requirements.

Globally integrated payment gateway

Payteka’s proprietary gateway system is integrated with the most exclusive acquiring banks and alternative payment networks worldwide, providing you with a gateway to accept online payments effortlessly and confidently. No need for contracts or integrations with different providers, just one smooth and seamless experience for merchants and end-users alike.

All transactions are sent through our secure web API, equipped with built-in Risk & Fraud Management controls, generous bandwidth, and heavily safeguarded contingency servers. Payteka’s technology uses refined proprietary algorithmic technologies to increase successful processing rates guaranteeing merchants reliable payment operations.

Our payment gateway is easy to access as a web-based service, and we consider security to be of the utmost importance. Our gateway is L1 PCI DSS Compliant – Level 1 (highest level) – with 2048-bit SSL data encryption. The gateway infrastructure and our data security solutions are protected by an enterprise DDoS mitigation system, which mitigates both complex and volumetric attacks.

Some of the major data security features of Payteka’s gateway include:

  • 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) data encryption key
  • All transaction details authenticated before sending to the acquirer
  • Firewall and encryption protected database
  • Risk rule-set module for detecting, fighting and preventing fraudulent transactions

Back Office & Reporting Systems

Running a successful business means having a complete back-office solution that allows you to focus on your main business goals. Payteka offers an all-in-one real-time back-office system so you can control and monitor online transactions from anywhere at any time.

Our inclusive back office allows merchants to generate detailed and comprehensive reports with the ability to view transaction stats such as authorizations, refunds, chargebacks, and more. With enhanced real-time reporting, you can view all of your payment transaction data and have a full understanding and analysis of your business’s online payment activity.

With Payteka’s user-friendly reporting interface you can access real-time transaction reports and even receive email alerts based on pre-set criteria.


For years, Payteka has supported many of the leading online companies worldwide, serving as a gateway for integrated multi-currency payment processing and enabling merchants to sustain and expand their business. In order to support you and your international customer base, we offer payments acceptance and remittance in multiple currencies.

Being able to accept online payments in multiple currencies is beneficial for both the merchant and the customer. The end-user feels more comfortable making payments in their local currency and avoiding currency exchange fees, in turn reducing your chargeback ratio. We help you take payments from multiple countries with a reduced conversion fee and international processing service fee.

For more information regarding our gateway & technology, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]