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The Payteka Starter Kit is the complete solution for smaller merchants that are not eligible for a direct processing account with an acquiring bank. Our Starter Kit will meet all of your businesses payment processing needs, enabling you to accept payments in no time.

Starter Kit

Payteka’s starter kit offers merchants a world class payment gateway, multi-currency processing, billing services, PCI-DSS complaint environment, Merchant Account ID (MID) and 24 hour available support. We have designed a solution tailored to your operational and legal requirements. With customization options like choosing a unique descriptor to avoid chargebacks and fully PCI compliant services, Payteka removes the headache and difficulties you would otherwise encounter.

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Please note that Payteka’s compliance team will require the following documentation in order to open a merchant account:

  • Incorporation documents
  • Memorandum of Association
  • Board of Directors and Shareholder Certificate
  • Copy of passport and utility bill of shareholders and directors
  • Bank account form, bank statement and a bank reference letter
  • Processing history for the previous 6 months, split between Visa, MasterCard, refunds, chargeback ratios etc.