Payteka is committed to meeting your payment needs and is open to a wide range of industries. Our team provides reliable and secure solutions to meet merchants’ business requirements. The Payteka team has the creative and technical know-how to handle complex operations and is an expert in the regulatory requirements for various businesses.

E-commerce & Software

The e-commerce market is one of the fastest growing industries in the global online business arena. In a competetive industry, online service prodivers need specific payment solutions. These payment options must be internationally accepted with advanced risk management systems and high approval rates. Payteka presents an attractive solution for small and medium online merchants that may lack certain requirements, enabling your company to begin accepting payments in no time.

Our platform is convenient for e-commerce merchants with a global customer base and challenging multilingual and multicurrency payment requirements. Payteka offers multicurrency processing solutions through international merchant accounts to support a wide range of local payment methods, including local credit cards and debit cards and other alternative payment methods.

Fraud prevention is key for the success of online commerce, as the merchant carries the costs of unbilled services and potential fines. As such, Payteka provides advanced risk management and fraud detection services as part of our turnkey solution for online e-commerce merchants.

Your customers expect a secure, easy and reliable shopping experience and an e-commerce merchant account is the first step in providing this. For successful online sales operations you need a reactive and safe payment platform integrated with your e-commerce website.

Financial Industry

The online Forex industry continues to benefit from increases in demand and internet traffic. The challenge lies in the conversion, turning the traffic into deposits. Offering your customers a range of payment options and multi-currency support can significantly improve your conversion rates.

Fraud is not an unkown factor in the Forex industry. We use real-time risk and fraud management technology to constantly review your account traffic and block or report any suspicious activity. Forex merchants face risks constantly, while our solutions allow the focus to be on profit.

Payteka provides your customers with a personalized payment solutions, responsive payment forms and a one-click checkout experience. Online merchants receive extensive reporting capabilities allowing them to maintain, analyze and grow business.

When choosing a payment partner, the structural differences require individual attention and a comprehensive knowledge of the industry with regard to global and local regions and regulations.

Online Games

Online gaming has rapidly grown to become a global, borderless arena that faces the most regulatory challenges and demands in customization. It has been a serious challenge for supporting dependable and cost effect payment processing solutions. This business model is highly regulated and demands the knowledge and experience to manage the various risk associated with online gaming traffic.

Setting up an international merchant account as an online gaming company can prove to be difficult, with many restrictions and requirements. However Payteka offers an attractive solution for small and medium gaming merchants. Thanks to our fraud and risk management detection we can accept new gaming merchants that need to build processing acitivity.

Payteka also offers CFT (Card Fund Transfer) solutions for Gaming operators for Visa card holders, allowing merchants to send funds to a card holder over and above the original deposited transaction amount.

We have industry experts contributing to the growth and success of each part of your business, allowing Payteka to be the global preferred partner to the Gaming industry.


In the travel and hospitality industry, choosing the right travel merchant account and payment platform that offer the right payment solutions are essential for success. Filling the need of both international and local payment options, Payteka aims to assist travel merchants with their daily transactions. We provide merchants with customized accounts, top of the line gateway technology systems and we process all major credit and debit cards and as well as alternative payment solutions.