Payteka offers a broad range of payment methods for both global and local markets. Our product and services portfolio include credit card processing, online bank transfers, e-wallet coverage, offline wire transfers, issuing cards, direct debits, recurring billing, pre-paid cards and more. Our extensive experience in online payments allows us to provide your company with the competitive edge you need.

Payteka offers an array of products for payments processing merchants, covering the entire spectrum of payment transaction services. From real-time credit card authorization to e-wallet acceptance, Payteka is your single source and one stop shop when it comes to payment processing. Our sophisticated clearing solutions guarantee safe online transactions for your customers and better business operations for you.

When it comes to online credit card processing, Payteka offers merchants highly secure, PCI DSS compliant processing solutions in multiple currencies. Accept online payments quickly and securely with our payment gateway. In addition to our card acceptance, we provide merchants with other features to help protect merchant dealings and assist them in making well-informed business decisions. Our customizable online debit and credit card processing solutions can be tailored to meet your business needs and allow you to globally run your business 24/7.

Premium Banking Network

One of the many services offered by Payteka is helping online merchants open direct merchant accounts with one of the premium acquiring banks that we enjoy long-standing relationships with. Merchants are given a full processing package, including all the tools needed to sell products online with worldwide payment options. Payteka has a continuous focus on improving our payment coverage and capabilities, allowing you to stay focused on your business.

Smart solutions with an international reach – In addition to worldwide payment methods like Visa, MasterCard, and PayPal, choose from over 120 other alternative payment methods and e-wallets based on Geo-location or user IP-based parameters. Payteka aims to provide merchants with advanced solutions for all available payments methods to all regions and target markets, both on and offline. With our unparalleled knowledge of localized legislation worldwide, we can commit to assisting merchants in understanding and utilizing all available payment methods.

Credit & Debit Card Solutions

Payteka is a service provider offering innovative online payment solutions for over a decade as a regulated Payment Institution organization. With state-of-the-art technology for credit card processing, Payteka acts as a “one-stop-shop” offering a complete turnkey solution for online businesses.

Credit and Debit cards are the most widely accepted payment methods worldwide. Payteka processing services are exceptionally reliable, fast, and secure, available for all international credit and debit cards, including but not limited to MasterCard, VISA, JCB, AMEX, Discovery, Diners Club, China Union Pay, and Alipay.

The direct credit service is a simple, dependable, and safe way for organizations, whether big or small, to make direct payments to a bank or building society account via electronic transfer. Many Payteka clients use the Direct Credit service to pay company salaries.

Local Payment Methods & E-wallets Coverage

Payteka processes a wide range of Alternative Payment Methods that we are constantly expanding and improving. E-wallets act as online accounts where funds and personal information can be stored in a secure environment. Your clients can safely send and receive payments online using E-wallets, being required to submit personal and financial data only once upon opening an account. With full integration to leading e-Wallet companies such as Skrill, PayPal, China Union Pay, Netteler and Alipay, Payteka provides online merchants access to additional payment instruments that are necessary for any global online business.

Depending on business type, requirements, and location, merchants can choose to implement a number of alternative payment processing solutions. Offering these localized payment solutions is extremely important in order to meet the demands of your global customers and their individual payment needs. Payteka’s flexible solutions give merchants the opportunity to offer a series of alternative payment methods and the right tools to increase their customer base.

Direct debit is one of the easiest and most popular payment methods in Europe. Once the customer chooses the method of payment and enters their PIN code, the funds are withdrawn directly from the customer’s bank account. This method is a PULL transaction, available for customers with bank accounts in SEPA countries such as Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Austria, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Luxembourg, Monaco, Malta, Portugal, Slovenia and Slovakia. This solution is ideal for recurring payments such as monthly memberships and subscriptions.

Online Bank & Wire Transfers

Online Bank wire transfers – Payteka’s Bank wire transfer services are based on the high security standards of online banking. Customers can make online purchases using their existing online banking faciliaites. The only requirement is that they are registered for online banking through their individual bank and can approve transactions with their Internet banking credentials.

Online payments through customers’ local bank accounts are a lucrative and safe alternative to processing payments with a credit card, allowing your business to avoid chargebacks and increase conversion rates and profits. This method is also beneficial for customers who need to transfer large sums. Ask today about our same day bank transfer service! Real-time bank transfer allows for an immediate authorization for transferring funds. This payment method is guaranteed for merchants, as bank transfers initiated by the customer are not reversible without the merchant’s authorization.

Online Bank Transfers – Our online bank transfer solution allows merchants to receive payments from clients who are unable to make a deposit or purchase on your site with a credit card. This solution gives customers the option to send a bank wire in just one click. By integrating your payment page to this solution through Payteka’s sophisticated Cashier page, all your clients have to do is choose this option as the method of payment.  The client is then redirected to the individual bank to make the wire transfer. If the transaction is successful your payout is guaranteed Risk-Free!

Cash & Pre-Paid Cards

Cash alternative payment solutions are seen to be safe and reliable in the online e-commerce marketplace, connecting merchants with consumers in under-banked areas such as China and Eastern Europe where these payment options are usually favored. Pre-paid cards have a stored value and credit balance, while bank cards withdraw funds from the cardholder’s bank account at the point of transaction. Based on country, customers are shown a list of available payment methods and local bank accounts. This is a secure and cost-effective option as opposed to payment processing via credit card. As with online bank transfers, pre-paid cards help merchants avoid chargebacks and increase revenue.

Mobile Payments

As more and more consumers are going mobile, the demand for digital alternative payment solutions is increasing. Payteka delivers a superior digital payment experience for anyone, anywhere, using any device. Payteka’s mobile checkout is tailored for today’s mobile users in terms of functionality, content, and user interface. We enjoy cooperation with a number of industry leading partners to optimize our mobile checkout, helping merchants drive growth through mobile payments. Online shoppers can make payments via phone or SMS. This payment solution is risk free.

If the transaction is successful your payout is guaranteed. Regardless of your industry or business focus, there is a rapidly growing demand for the ability to make payments from anywhere through multiple channels. So, how can your business benefit from all facets of multi-channel trade without the costs of connecting to multiple payment suppliers?

Payteka offers unparalleled cross-platform technology with a responsive mobile payment solution. Our mobile payment widget is used by consumers to pay for digital goods via their mobile devices. The widget integrates into a website or smartphone app, presenting the most convenient mobile payment solution for merchants who don’t want to get involved with API integration.

Payteka is all about innovative mobile payment solutions that provide a user-friendly checkout experience. We believe that mobile payments are equally as important as online payments, as consumers are using mobile devices and tablets for online shopping more than ever. Our solutions are easy to implement and can fit web-based mobile sites as well as in-app payment modules.

Payteka offers inn-app mobile payments, QR code triggered payments and other mobile shopping solutions. We know that having timely and accurate information on the go is essential to decision making. Thus, we’ve made reporting easily accessible through our mobile app. Access you daily processing volume or view data based on a specific date range. Drill down further to monitor your chargebacks, refunds, and credits.

Competitive Pricing

Our competitive processing rates are fixed during negotiations according to your business profile and needs. We take our partnerships seriously and we know that when you succeed, so do we!

  • A flat rate and simple pricing structure from 3.90 % + $ 0.35 per transaction
  • Get weekly payouts with no set up fees or hidden costs.

Our low rates make it easy for our clients to keep their businesses in great condition. Payteka’s customer service department is live and available to assist 24/7! Give us a call and see how accepting online credit card payments with Payteka will change your business for the better. Apply for a merchant account today and receive cost-efficient rates that are sure to boost your business.

Payteka can set up merchant accounts tailored to your specific needs with very competitive rates. Our multi-currency system enables merchants to accept and settle funds in up to 16 leading currencies such as USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD and more. Our system supports a number of different base currencies, which avoids added conversion costs. Enjoy secure transactions, competitive rates, and a number of additional benefits using our innovative payment services.

For more information about our payment solutions, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]