Payteka has a customized approach to online payment solutions, offering merchants payment options tailored to their specific needs. We help merchants reach success through our vast array of services covering all aspects of online processing transactions. Payteka provides companies with the technical platform and support for their operations, including risk management, ongoing compliance and settlement reconciliation so that they can focus on their core business goals.

For over 7 years, Payteka has been providing the global e-commerce business community with comprehensive online payment solutions, acting as a versitile solution for all online payment processing needs. Our wide ranging services, consistent reliability, payment gateways and excellent support team have made Payteka a leading payment service provider among leading companies in many online arenas.

The benefits of working with Payteka

  • SSL & PCI certifications
  • State of the Art fraud defence technology
  • International processing solutions
  • Competitive processing rates
  • Easy integration
  • User-friendly back office and reporting
  • Multiple transaction submission methods

Online Credit & Debit Card Processing

Payteka facilitates online credit and debit card multi-currency payments supporting methods such as Visa, MasterCard, American Express, non PIN-based debit cards, and more. We have connected with various acquiring banks, helping merchants offer customers the best payment methods to suit their needs. Our technology is highly scalable, secure and has an impressive processing speed. Our credit and debit card solutions also support recurring and subscription payments, which can be easily managed in our system. The Payteka team is here 24/7 to provide merchants with operational support when needed.

Recurring Payments

Payteka offers merchants important re-billing options for managing payments for business models requiring installments, memberships, subscriptions and other periodical payments. We allow merchants to perform automatic transactions for credit card rebilling for services such as monthly bills, promotions, subscriptions, and memberships.

Our subscription management system allows merchants to make recurring charges without needing to re-obtain CVV information. Since new CVV information is not required for subsequent recurring billing transactions, these payments are associated with lower risk for the merchant and the credit card acquiring bank. With Payteka services, merchants have comprehensive subscription solutions to accept credit card transactions. Payteka supports a range of services designed to process subscription and payment installments by Bank Card and Direct Debit.

Our recurring payment management tools allows merchants to modify, postpone and continue a cycle of payments and cancel or re-establish charges. The automation of recurring payments is simple to implement, protected and regulated by the Level 1 PCI DSS compliant environment.  Merchants can increase customer retention life cycle and safeguard business operations with a positive impact on profit margins.

Virtual Terminal

Payteka’s payment gateway also provides a Virtual Terminal or an e-Terminal, which allows merchants to create manual transactions for various payment methods available such as credit/debit cards and prepaid cards. Virtual Terminal Solutions and Mail Order/Telephone Order (MOTO) are key transactions that can be seamlessly routed through Payteka’s virtual terminal and secure web API. Like our other payment solutions, the Virtual Terminal provides reporting and risk and fraud management controls.

Virtual terminals enable you to process transactions for orders placed via mail order/telephone order (MOTO) manually by entering a customer’s payment details. Virtual terminals process transactions in real-time and provide automatic email receipts for your customers immediately.

How can a virtual terminal contribute to the growth of your sales?

  • Accept payments over the phone
  • Easy access to web-based terminal
  • No integrations or downloads
  • Real-time reporting
  • Supports multi-currency transactions

Pre-Authorization Sale Transaction

The Split Shipment Service is an enhancement to the Bank Card Two-Stage Processing model. Once the initial pre-transaction has been authorized, the funds for that transaction can be settled over several transactions. This could be implemented during situations such as when the shipment of items will be split and the cardholder is charged for each shipment, or when ordered items are out of stock at the time of authorization and will be shipped seven days or later.

Tokenization & Credit Card Storage

Merchants that want to accept multiple payments from a customer’s bankcard have the option of submitting encrypted data (a ‘token’ or a ‘reference’) associated with the customer’s card number or previously authorized transaction via Payteka’s Secured Payment and Card Tokenization solutions.

Tokenization is a solution that either converts bank card digits to tokens either during the authorization process or migrates data to our gateway, receiving a unique token. This token or reference number is used for all following payments so there is no need to store sensitive card data.

Payteka Credit card data storage allows merchants to store credit details in a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant safe storage environment. While data is securely stored off-site, merchants still have access to it through a unique identifier in the case the cardholder data is needed for returning billing or to resolve transaction questions.  This holds major benefits for merchants while users do not have to provide credit card details during every purchase.

Pay-out Cards & Pre-paid Cards

If your business requires you to send payments to sources such as affiliates or webmasters, a prepaid card is a great solution. Payteka partners with multiple card companies to offer prepaid cards that can be used at all available ATM and card purchasing locations worldwide.

Conversion Optimization

The intuitive design of Payteka’s payment flow serves to maximize conversion and retention as well as enhance the customer checkout experience.

The Dynamic Currency Conversion (DCC) solution allows your overseas customers to see the exact amount their card will be charged, expressed in their own home currency and including the exchange rate fee as opposed to the exchange rate fee being applied by their bank after the transaction.

This conversion solution offers major benefits to merchants such as earning extra revenue on international card transactions by applying commission that would normally be taken by issuing banks and card associations. Conducting international business as cardholders is more convenient paying in local currency, including market entry potential by offering major currencies and improving customer satisfaction and increasing returning business by enabling customers to pay in their local currency. On the other side of the payment, customers will be shown the exact pricing on their statement at the time of purchase and will be able to conveniently make purchases in their own currency.

Data Analysis

Data pulling automates payment transactions between merchants and Payteka, thereby simplifying the process for high volume merchants. A Merchant’s billing system will send a request to Payteka, and our system will then pull out a list of transactions to send back to the merchant.

Chargeback reports include detailed information associated with any chargebacks that were performed over a specific time period. These reports are updated daily to provide you with all the details of chargebacks supplied by an acquirer bank.

These types of reports provide the most comprehensive information on transactions and are an important tool to gather information about a specific transaction or group of transactions. You have the option of either viewing this report online or downloading it to your computer.

Access important and useful information with our statistics reporting.  You can sort transaction information by date, currency, and more general parameters.

By using the Payteka’s Application Programming Interface (API), you can send multiple metadata with each transaction. This data is then presented in the back office and can be used to further filter your traffic.

Payteka provides its merchants with a comprehensive back-office platform.  In addition to our excellent payment options and customer support, Payteka proudly presents a monthly business summary of your company’s online traffic and transaction history, as well as activity analysis.

Personal Account Manager & Compliance Coordinator

Our expertise, innovative technology, and dedication to excellent customer service mean that we are always on hand to support you and your business needs. We will deliver a compelling and market-leading payment service to build your business and increase your sales. Payteka’s clients are assigned to an industry-specific personal account manager to optimize their payment flow and maximize conversions.

For more information regarding our product & services, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]