Payteka combines leading innovative technology with industry experience for the most secure fraud detection solution proven to increase sales revenue. We support cross-platform solutions for games, software and digital services merchants.

Risk management and fraud protection are a top priority to us, and when you are processing large volumes or operating in a higher risk sector, the threat of fraud becomes even more critical. Our built-in fraud detection and security features minimize the need for manual transaction reviews and reduce fraudulent sales resulting in chargebacks and refunds.

Payteka is a PCI certified level I, which means that we are licensed to store and protect sensitive data such as credit card details. Our merchants are automatically compliant with these industry regulations. Our system is automatically perfoming fraud checks while our dedicated risk management team oversees all transactions in real time. Our fraud protection technology is updated according current fraud trends, adheres to intricate online fraud prevention rules and stores encrypted data in a highly secure environment.

Our Risk management features including the following features in order to ensure data security and fraud protection:

  • Initial risk assessment based on processing history or activity
  • Topnotch fraud scrubbing tools
  • Constant montioring of all transaction types
  • Compliance checks on merchants website
  • Chargeback control
  • Flexible risk rule set module

Traffic Management & Automated Cascading Systems

Based on our vast experience in onine processing, we know that transactions are not always approved. That’s why Payteka presents a traffic management and cascading system, offering alternative solutions for declined transactions. Payteka’s sophisticated traffic management system will send the transaction to the acquiring bank with the highest approval ratio based on cardholder BIN number. In the case of a transaction decline response, Payteka’s cascading system will divert transactions to the next pre-defined acquiring bank.

3D Secure

3D Secure is the payment industry’s online authentication standard developed by major credit card associations. This authentication requires the cardholder to do a onetime online registration process for their card in order to make future purchases. The cardholder answers several security questions that stay between the cardholder and card issuer. You choose a password and agree on a secret phase that will be used during future online transactions. 3D Secure payments with Payteka protect merchants from excessive chargebacks, negative processing history, account closure and black listing records.

Global Fraud Protection & Prevention

With Payteka’s detailed and all-inclusive automated risk management and prevention solutions you can stay two steps ahead of fraud. Our sophisticated system combines algorithmic technologies with historical transaction data in order to recognize subtle patterns in online payment activities and keep fraud to a minimum. We gaurantee results and ensure comprehensive fraud detection with the combination of our advanced risk management tools and our proprietary web-based fraud management system.

At the centre of Payteka’s payment processing technology lays innovative risk management and fraud protection tools to ensure safe credit card processing and mutilevel fraud protection.

  • Geo-location Checks – Cross-checking of BIN vs. IP, BIN vs. country, IP vs. country
  • Blacklist by accounts
  • Individual Blacklist by geo-location, IP address, domains and email addresses
  • Recurring transactions whitelist
  • Anonymous proxy checks
  • Fraud attempt cache
  • Scoring
  • Continuous risk checks and filters
  • Risk management consultancy and support
  • Transaction and fraud analysis report presenting a summary of chargeback transactions within a certain date range to locate trends and make informed business decisions when needed.

PCI Certification

Payteka is fully PCI compliant with the latest industry card payment data and have the highest security standards in the industry. When it comes to online payments, there are a lot of highly specific certifications and procedures that can sound overwhelming. We are happy to simplify these terms for you.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard, or PCI DSS, is a set of wide-ranging requirements for enhancing payment account data security. Developed by the founding payment brands of the PCI Security Standards Council, including VISA, American Express, Discover Financial Services, JCB International and MasterCard, the goal of PCI DSS is to help facilitate the broad acceptance of consistent global data security measures. The services provided by Payteka are fully PCI DSS compliant. 

  • Protecting Cardholder Data – All credit card information is encrypted when it is sent electronically and stored in a protected environment. 
  • Network security – Payteka uses advanced firewalls to sustain a secure network. Our enhanced configurations ensure card holder data protection. 
  • System Vulnerability Protection – We are constantly updating our innovative virus protection in order to stay up to date and protected from online threats. We also maintain specific security systems and procedures to gaurantee database security. 
  • Monitoring and Testing – We are regularly checking and our network resources and transaction and testing our security systems and processes. 
  • Information Security Policy – Being PCI compliant requires each party to review policies that address information security to ensure maximized effectiveness.

Companies that store, process or transmit payment card data are required by major credit card companies like VISA, MasterCard to be compliant with the PCI DSS Standard. Including banks, payment service providers, online merchants, and any other organization involved in the payments process.

Risk Rule Engine

In order to reduce the risk of chargebacks and fraudulent activities, Payteka applies the proven Risk Rule Engine, combining fraud scrubbing and filtering strategies and powerful software utilities. This collective approach minimizes the related risks of online transactions while supporting a healthy processing flow.

Our risk rule engine scrubbing solutions are divided into a range of structured fraud and risk management solutions that can be used in-house or fully outsourced. They suit any business model and can be tailored to industry specific needs with just one integration.

As a part of our complete fraud monitoring, detection and prevention, Payteka employs a multi-dimensional approach with a layered security policy and technology that keeps protection and profitability controlled during each stage of the payment life cycle:

  • Account Registration
    Monitor and assess consumer account registration risk
  • Payment Authentication
    Analyze and identify security strategies to verify genuine customers
  • Transaction Processing
    Recognise, identify and review high-risk transactions based on individual risk profiles
  • Dispute and Recovery
    Control and resolve chargeback disputes and recover losses
  • Evaluation and Refinement
    Examine and improve fraud performance against trends


A chargeback dispute, also known as a financial deduction, can be a costly expense for your business. This is when a customer decides to reverse a charge, leaving the merchant responsible. Payteka can reduce your chargeback expenses. In the case of a chargeback, we can represent merchants. Our risk management team will collect all user KYC and available details and will stand for merchants and try to have the chargeback canceled.

Dynamic Descriptor

A general descriptor is the identification name of the purchase that appears on monthly credit card statements, normally listed under merchants’ acquiring banks. A dynamic descriptor is a verification tool that gives a definition of the charge to the end user on their credit card statement, in turn reducing the risk of chargebacks.

A dynamic descriptor gives our merchants the ability to manage the description on credit card statements. With approved support from an acquiring bank that support this feature, Payteka can use this tool to allow merchants to customize descriptor information to better suit their needs. By applying tools such as the dynamic descriptor, Payteka protects merchants from unnecessary chargebacks, negative historical processing activity, account closure and black listing records.

For more information regarding our risk management & security, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]